Welcome to the Members Login Overview page. The purpose of this page is to quickly acclimate you to the Member Services, Ministry Services, and Ministry Tools and Resources pages.

As a [new] member of Zion City, we want you to be equipped with the necessary resources to fortify your relationship with YWHW, His sons and daughters and your brothers and sisters in Christ, and expedite your growth and maturity in His Kingdom. Access to the Members Login page is an important part of that process.

Member Services

All members are granted access to the Member Services page. However, some entry level icons may require additional clearance in order to access.

Icons are listed according to projected stages of membership. For example, under New Members Starting Point, Meet the McNair's is instituted to officially acknowledge, connect [with], and welcome new members to Zion City right away after joining/becoming a member.

The Membership Starter Kit, different from the Zion City Media Kit, is designed to walk you through five key steps to understanding your membership as a valued member of Zion City. And so on it goes.

Ministry Services

All administrators, operations personnel, managers, and service/member/ministry leaders and executives are granted access to the Ministry Services page. This page is designed to assist key leaders in their daily/weekly responsibilities in ministry and commitments to help building God's Kingdom.

Ministry Tools and Resources

Members with specialized skills are granted access to the Ministry Tools & Resources page.

A complete list of all the icons are listed to the right of this page in your website browser or bottom of the page if you're viewing from a mobile device.

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Member Services

New Member Starter Points

  • Members Login Overview
  • Meet the McNair's
  • Membership Starter Kit
  • New Member Orientations, Benefits, Requests, Resources

Member Growth & Development

  • FRUITS Life (Home Study "Sticky" Groups)
  • GINA
  • Vision 120 (Member Leadership Team)

Member Ministry Opportunities

  • Zion City Congregational Choir
  • Drama Nation and Dancevessels
  • Praisevessels Sunday Worship Team
  • COGEO Entertainment Group
  • Men's Ministry
  • Women's Ministry
  • Children, Youth, and Young Adults Ministry (CYYA)
  • Family Ministry

Services Tools & Info

  • New Series Overview
  • Sunday Service Program
  • Announcements
  • Service Disclaimer

Meetings & Documents

  • Agendas
  • Attendance
  • Document Services
  • Email Management Center

Social Resources & Info

  • New Opportunities
  • Blogging with PC | ZC
  • Social Justice
  • FAQ

Media & Events

  • Media Ministry
  • Online Store
  • Events
  • Coming Soon

Ministry Services

Information & Administration

  • Mail Chimp (Email Marketing Services)
  • Grasshopper (Phone Services)
  • Planning Center (Service Preparation Tool)
  • Alerus (Payroll Monitoring System)

Income & Finance Management

  • Square
  • Stripe
  • Kindred
  • PayPal

Investment Revenue Streams & Sources

  • Kingdom 360
  • Bandcamp
  • iTunes (Tunecore)
  • CD Baby
  • Amazon
  • Xlibris
  • TBA
  • You Tube

Ministry Tools

Web & Multimedia Tools

  • Square Space
  • Subsplash
  • Planning Center
  • Google Docs


  • TBA

Primary Social Media Channels

  • Mail Chimp (Email Marketing Services)
  • Grasshopper (Phone Services)
  • Planning Center (Service Preparation Tool)
  • Alerus (Payroll Monitoring System)