Service and Member Leadership Opportunities

Welcome to the Zion City Service and Ministry Leadership page.

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Vision 120 Member Leadership

Zion City has commissioned a group of members in what we call the Vision 120 initiative to reach our community. These Member Leaders are:

  1. Ronnie Ricks
  2. Andre Riles
  3. Carmella Harris
  4. Kevin Doss
  5. James Morgan
  6. Reggie Summerville
  7. Jan Houston
  8. Lakeitha Doss
  9. Gwendolyn Waugh
  10. Alexander Siller
  11. Princess Siller
  12. Andrea Harris

Vision 120 Materials

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Zion City Section Leadership

Section Leaders are special roles appointed by the Executive Leadership of Zion City or by the Guest Relations/First Fellowship President/Director.

These roles are unique in that they require the commitment of members who attend services regularly and are comfortable engaging, enlightening, entertaining (during services), and ultimately educating new members/new people about Zion City.

Zion City is currently seeking 5 to 8 Section Leaders to serve in such capacity as described above on Sundays.


ACG Leadership

Auxiliary, Committee, and Group Leadership opportunities include positions that require the leadership of wise and experienced, spiritually mature, God-fearing individuals. These individuals are either appointed by the Executive Leadership of the ministry or elected by a majority body of members of each ACG.

For a complete list of ACG's, please visit the All Ministry Overview or All Ministry Service pages.

Zion City is currently seeking leadership in the following areas:

Guest Relations

  • First Fellowship President/Director

Music & Arts

  • Drummer
  • Lead and/or Rhythm Guitar
  • Bass Player
  • Other musicians
  • Congregational Choir Leaders
  • Strong alto and tenor singers

Teaching & Pastors

  • Teaching Pastors
  • Care Pastor


All positions on this page are currently unpaid staff positions.