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^^^Starter Groups for New Members

Guest Relations Auxiliary
First Fellowship* Committees and Groups
Associate Pastor of Worship (Chief Director of Music)
Music & Arts Auxiliary
Singers & Musicians Committees and Groups
Lead Pastor or Lead Associate Pastor
Ministry IN
Ministry Leaders
Associate Pastor of Care, Evangelism and Outreach
Ministry OUT
Associate Pastors
Associate Pastor of Missions, Marketing and Management
Special Projects Auxiliary
First Fruits* Committees and Groups
Associate Pastor of Stewardship
Men's | Women's Auxiliaries^^^
Men* and Women* General Ministry Committees and Groups - AVAILABLE IN SUMMER or INTERMITTENTLY
Associate Pastor of Youth
CYYA Auxiliary
Children Youth and Young Adults* General Ministry Committees and Groups
Business Organization
(See above)
Member Information
Daily Availability *

Membership Status Definitions:

  • New Member - First 6 months in regular attendance in Sunday and/or weekly services and/or consistent financial support.
  • Active Member - 6 months or longer of regular attendance Sunday and/or weekly services and 3 months of consist financial support.
  • Inactive Member - Less than 6 months in regular attendance in Sunday and/or weekly services and/or 3 month lapse in financial support.
  • Transfer Member - Joined as a result of recommendation and/or acknowledgement of/from other ministry.

Asterisks (*) - Top Committees and held by Auxiliary President or Associate Pastor by default in absence of President.
Vertical Arrows (^^^) - Entry level ministry and starter groups available to all new members.