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Zion City Leaders uses TEAMUP to check availability of key leaders and monitor what's happening at different times in different rooms and places during weekly ministry work hours and all throughout the ministry on Sundays and for other BIG events held throughout the year.

Also, as you prepare each year please be sure to plan your events around the following Annual Calendar of Events to avoid conflicts and misrepresentation of ministry resources and priorities.

Annual BIG SUNDAY services and Events Calendar…

  • 21 Days of Worship • Faith • Love • Hope Solemn Assembly (Corporate Fast) - Ministry Event
  • Communion Sunday - Ministry Event
  • Super Bowl Sunday with WINNERS - Ministry and Community Event
  • †Sweet Potato P.I.E.™ "Slicing the PIE (Poverty • Incarceration • Education) - Community Event
  • Resurrection Sunday - Ministry Event
  • Mother's Day Sunday - Ministry Event
  • Father's Day Sunday - Ministry Event
  • Vision 120 | Kingdom 360 Business Meeting - Business Event
  • †Summer Back to School JAMM™ - Ministry and Community Event
  • †City Lights - Community Event
  • Pastoral & Leadership Event Celebration - Ministry Event
  • †Pastoral & Leadership Concert Event - Ministry and Community Event
  • Christmas Service Celebration - Ministry Event
  • †New Year's Eve Celebration - Community Event

†Suggested admission costs may apply. All other Big Sunday Services and Events are voluntary dropbox events.

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Subscribe to Zion City Annual Calendar of Events

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