Thank you for your interest in PARTNERING WITH US!

There are a number of areas or ways you may choose to partner with Zion City. If you are passionate about:

  • Ministry - You can RENEW YOUR COMMITMENT with us or make a one-time donation right now through the secured services on our DROP-BOX page.
  • Community - Visit the Zion City Community page to learn more about what we are doing to be our communities' keeper and create inspirational moments for children, youth, and families living in the under served South Madison Arbor/Leopold neighborhood.
  • Business - Visit Kingdom 360 (K360) page to find affiliate partnership opportunities.

To get started, simply fill out the form below to Renew Your Commitment and/or choose a Membership OR Friends of Zion City "MEET The Need" Plan that best fits your financial situation or you may choose based on how you are lead and moved to do so.

Visit the Zion City Community page to learn about key ways you can partner with us to "be our community's keeper."

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Partner With Us Form

M.E.E.T.™ The Need

(Money • Exposure • Expertise • Time)

Special Note:

To ensure that funds donated to the Zion City Community Outreach Center ARE NOT intermingled with Zion City International Church Ministries, Inc., PLEASE indicate that you are a Friend of Zion City COMMUNITY PARTNER ONLY!

Fiscal Agent:

Zion City International Church Ministries, Inc. is a not-for-profit tax exempt 501c3 corporation | organization. Also, Zion City is currently the primary fiscal agency for Zion City Community Outreach Center.

All charitable contributions are tax deductible. Donation letters are available upon request or will be provided immediately upon verification of your donation. Thank you for your support.

Thank you for helping us M.E.E.T.™ The Need of our Ministry and/or Community!

About CAFE™ Membership Packages

When you visit our Sunday tab you'll learn more about our unique multiple service line up and approach to ministry. These services have been offered numerously and sporadically in the past and will continue to be offered in the future under the CAFE | FACE ministry. Services include:

  • EASE Your Soul
  • PT with PC
  • Sunday Brunch
  • JAMM
  • JOY Hour

The mission of CAFE™ is to offer Christian Alternative Fellowship Entertainment™ to members, and movie, music and sports enthusiasts in an inspirational atmosphere and safe environment.

FACE™ stands for Family Alternative Community Events™ and extends the CAFE™ medium of alternative inspirational entertainment to non-members, families, communities, and particular adherents and customers!

  • Mission focused in our purpose,
  • Kingdom minded in our thinking, and
  • Ministry entertainment redefined in our approach…

Zion City’s Anesis CAFE™ and FACE™ Movie Cinema provides a platform for almost 50% of Madison/Dane County residents who want to avoid the stigma of entertaining places to go and positive things do.

Membership Plans Perks

With your help, Zion City hopes to offer CAFE | FACE services on a consistent basis over time. We need your support or partnership to re-establish, enhance, and effectively and efficiently administer this special component of the V120 | K360 ministry vision.

Packages are ZCICM, ZCCOC and ZCAAIR membership deals and include any combination of activities, programs, services, and entertainment events and value items. Packages are offered as incentives to individuals who make a financial commitment and include:

  1. Active Membership Perks (Hear The News Alerts, Biz Reports, Voting, Benevolence, etc.) - Active
  2. Complimentary Branded Products and Ministry Paraphernalia Discounts - Available upon request
  3. ZCICM, EYS™ | CM Ministries, ZCCOC and Other Business Partnership Perks - Available for discussion
  4. CAFE™ | FACE™ Business Services - In Development (See Sunday Services) - Active
  5. FREE or Discounted Admissions to Select Events (Applicable for Zion City Sponsored Events) - Active
  6. Event Discounts for Premium Events or VIP Opportunities - Coming Soon

All plans and benefits are accumulative.