Welcome to the Zion City International Church Ministries, Inc. annual Renew Your Commitment page.

When you Renew Your Commitment you make it possible for us to:

  1. Create a strategic budget plan
  2. Normalize and control expenses
  3. Manage current and future revenues
  4. Increase and/or maximize giving plans, fellowship, ministry and kingdom opportunities
  5. Deliver excellence in ministry and kingdom products and services with expertise, effectiveness and efficiency.

Zion City understands that the cares of this world can make it difficult for us to keep our commitments from time to time. Thats why we've worked so diligently to create four (4) Points of Giving (POG) Tools to make your giving experience exciting, easy, gratifying, and rewarding.

As you make your plans for 2016, please remember you can use any one of the POG tools to keep your commitments and ensure that the Vision of this ministry is carried out and the Kingdom of God is advanced.

POG Tools feature:

  1. Onsite Drop Box Giving on Sundays anytime during service.
  2. Online Drop Box Giving at our website via computer.
  3. Text Drop Box Giving via Phone App.
  4. Autopay Drop Box Giving via Bank.

As you prayerfully consider your gift amount, please take time to listen to the Giving Series: Money Matters by Pastor Coliér McNair. You can enjoy this series and any other series plus music and more at your own convenience and privacy when you download the Zion City App. Or, simply visit the Media page to EASE Your Soul today.

Remember, your gift matters to God and it matters to us too.

Please do what you KNOW you can do or do what God has blessed you to do!

Members may opt to submit a Partnership Form to renew their commitment. Please click link below to visit Partner page.