Our Small Groups are committed to being:

  • Intentional – meeting together at least once a month for Home Study Groups and a number of times seasonally for all other groups.
  • Relational – a place where you can connect and share life with a group of 8-12 people if all singles only and/or 12-14 if couples* only.
  • Transformational – grow in your relationship with God and others through fellowship, sharing, scripture, application, prayer/serving.

(*Couples are counted as one member in a group. Groups may include a mix of singles and couples without exceeding max group limits.)

Groups KICK-OFF in the Fall and last for 10 weeks:
(Members may attend groups three (3) times a year with two (2) short breaks and summers off.)

  • Session 1 begins: 1st full week of October and ends the 1st full week of December
  • Session 2 begins: 1st full week of January and ends the 1st full week of March
  • Session 3 begins: 1st full week of April and ends the 1st full week of June
  • No FRUITS Life (home study "sticky") groups, with the exception of recognized summer groups, are scheduled in mid-late June through July, August, and September.



Middleton West Group

Upper Room Group


Bridges to Racial Unity - Princess Siller

Brunch & Bible Group - b.Marcel Williams

Cypress Way Group - Alberta McNair


Special Home Ministry

  • Agrace Ministry - Contact TBA
  • (M) - Hospital Extended Stay Ministry - Contact Pastor Cynthia Johnson
  • Meet The McNair's - (Meets with new sets of new members once every month)
  • Men's Prison/Jail Ministry - Contact Katharine Goray, Bobbie Simpson, or Cynthia Johnson
  • New Groups for New People - Not sure which group to join? Form a new group to connect with others who share your sentiment.
  • Nursing Home Ministry - Contact TBA
    Women's Prison/Jail Ministry - Contact TBA
    Youth Juvenile Ministry - Contact TBA
  • (Z) - Zion City - FRUITS™ Classes SIGN UP ONLY - Contact TBA
  • (Z) - Zion City - GINA™ Apologetics & Analytics - Contact Pastor Coliér McNair


Get connected in the Community

  • Brunch & Bible - Contact Britt Moes at brunchandbible.madisonwi@gmail.com
  • Bridges to Unity - Contact Princess Lee
  • The IF: Madison West - Contact Facebook Page
  • Madison Festivals - Contact Barbara Simpson

Get connected in a Ministry Auxiliary*

  • Visit SERVE to sign up.
  • (E) - Meet the McNair's - (Meets with new sets of new members once every month) - Contact Myra McNair at 
  • (M, Z) - New Groups for New People

Get connected in Fellowship

  • Movie Night (Any Tuesdays) - Contact TBA
  • (M) - Appetizer Night - Contact TBA
  • (M) - Concerts - Contact TBA
  • (M, O) - Retreats, Vacations, Cruises - Contact TBA
  • (Z) - Sports (See WINNERS under Sunday) - Contact TBA
  • (M, O) - Baseball, Basketball, Football Games - Contact TBA
  • Running - Contact TBA
  • Bicycling - Contact TBA
  • Boating and/or Fishing - Contact Andre Riles
  • Book Club - Contact TBA
  • Thinker Space (Ideas Group) - Contact TBA
  • Sewing - Contact Alberta McNair
  • Culinary Arts - Contact TBA

Get connected in a CAUSE you CARE about

Get connected in a Support Group

  • Celebrate Restoration - Contact TBA
  • (M, Z) - Divorce | Separation - Also see Men and Women Auxiliary Groups (Reflecting Christ) - Contact TBA
  • (M) - Bereavement Care - Contact TBA
  • (M, Z) - Credit-Money Management Classes - Contact TBA (Zion City Banker Relationships)
  • (M, Z) - Business Investment | APBDG - Contact Business Relationships)

Don't see a group you like, contact Kevin Doss to discuss creating your own.

*All Executive, Ministry and Service Leaders are involved in a Small Group and SERVE on one of the Auxiliary Committees

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