About 21 Days of Hope

In the fall of 2014, Zion City conducted the first 21 Days of Hope Fast under the theme ICU: Intensify, Connect, Unleash. The vision of ICU was inspired by a trip Coliér & Myra McNair made earlier in the year in June to San Diego/Vista, California to visit the EFCA National Conference at North Coast Church, a mega church pastored by Larry Osbourne.

Upon returning, the McNair's were inspired to close the back door of their ministry by implementing a new strategy that would increase retention and encourage greater relational connections and fellowship throughout the ministry. Shortly thereafter, a wonderful thing happened over the summer when the Lord moved on the heart of Ms. Ann Neviaser to give away her 26,000 square feet building with 143,000 square feet of land to Zion City.

As was the case with other notable actions of faith that lead to a move of God, Pastor Coliér was lead to call a solemn assembly fast in reverence of God's blessings and provision, to show thanksgiving, honor the hand of God, and demonstrate sincere humility as people in need before Him.

The very next day after completing the first 21 Days of Hope Fast that fall, Pastor Coliér received a letter from a developer about wanting to acquire the building and land. After initial talks about managing a very sensitive relationship between the building and land owners, Pastor Coliér work carefully and strategically to broker the deal with representatives of the developer, and highly credible attorneys of the land owners, before introducing the deal to Zion City's legal partner at Williams Oby Law Group. One year later, Zion City received another supernatural miracle after accepting an offer made by the local developer to purchase the building and land at $1.5 million dollars.

Because of his faith in the Word of God, and the revelation of 21 Days of Hope, Coliér McNair and Zion City were placed in an unprecedented position by the grace, sovereignty, and supernatural favor of YHWH to experience legitimate HOPE and realization in the Divine Power of God!


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