Zion City International Church Ministries, Inc. (ZCICM, Inc.) is not your ordinary church or religious organization. ZCICM, Inc. is composed of spiritual adherents and leaders, members, friends, visitors and affiliate community and business partners. Our mission is to creatively minister the gospel of Jesus Christ with Love, through Fellowship, Music, and the Word! Our vision is an inspirational ministry where all kinds of people are drawn to God in a dispensation where many, especially youth and young adults, are leaving God.

On January 2012, Zion City International Church Ministries, Inc. signed a lease to re-locate to 1317/1319 Applegate Road in Madison, Wisconsin, a 26,000 square foot building with approximately 143,000 square feet in total property. During our residency, we compartmentalized the building into two (2) major sections under Community Outreach and Kingdom Ministry.

On September 16, 2013, Zion City was subsequently awarded and gifted the building located at 1317 Applegate Road, signed, sealed and delivered on February, 27th, 2014. We are very thankful and grateful to Ms. Ann Neviaser for her generous heart. Zion City literally wouldn't be where we are today if not for her. She's an amazing woman indeed!

This miracle and act of kindness set in motion a number of chain miracles wrought from prayer and fasting including: 1 young person cured from Sickle Cell disease, 3 people completely delivered from cancer, 2 women, 1 woman waiting 14 years for a new organ, received them and underwent successful surgeries, a baby was delivered out of ICU from brain complications, members have received healing, financial blessings, significant increases in credit scores and balances, and many more overcoming testimonies of victory and God’s great manifestation power.

But that's not all!

On September 18th, 2015, through the favor of God, Zion City was blessed to acquire additional equity in the building through the purchase of the land at $1,000,000. Zion City subsequently sold the building to a local developer in essence bringing to fruition great substance and evidence that faith in God promises to produce when we put our trust in God and what His word says He will do.

Only God could have done this!

When all others forsook us, stood by, and thought that we were crazy and way in above our head (and we where), Pastor Colier notes that: "God never let a single word I spoke before the people fall to the ground. We did the possible, and we watched God do the impossible. You'll never know what God is capable of doing until you're "in above your head." There were times (and I mean real gloom and doom moments) when I questioned my aptitude, common sense and faith in God, but the Lord was always there to encourage my heart. I will forever be grateful to Him for placing us in this incredible position. Truly, no body can ever take credit, not even I, for the miracles and spiritual divine acts God has wrought on my behalf and on behalf of this great City of Zion ministry."

In the interim, Zion City continues to meet at the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County located on Jenewein Road in the Allied Drive Neighborhood. For more information, got to VISIT.

Visit Kingdom 360 (K360) to learn more about ways you can help create more miracles!