Zion City Church Meeting Location!!!

The Old Lighthouse Christian School Building (Zion City, Inc.)
5202 Regent Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53705 | Map

Our new service time will begin at 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

  • 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM (Overflow Worship)

  • Weekly Schedule: Join a FRUITS Life Groups

  • Additional Service Schedules: TBA


Are You Ready for Some Passionate Worship?

Why Visit this Service?

If you're looking for a traditional, but contemporary worship experience, Zion City's Sunday service is designed to satisfy adherent members and visitors who are familiar with the Apostolic | Pentecostal | Evangelical worship experience.

For information about upcoming teaching/talk message series check out New Series Overview.

How this Service Reflects Our Values

Zion City Values: Love & Fellowship, Inspiration & Creativity, Relationships & Friendships, and the Transformative Life Changing Power of the Holy Scriptures

Love & Fellowship

  • Everybody is welcomed at Zion City (see FAQ below).
  • City of Zion Fellowship Time allows Members/Visitors/Guests to meet and greet each other.

Inspiration & Creativity

  • Praisevessels or Zion City Congregational Choir (ZC3) presents 20 to 30 minutes of upbeat and moving inspirational music in a concert style format.
  • Sacred dancing by our Children Youth & Young Adults (CYYA) groups expands ministry presentations and/or Drama Nation delivers visually engaging messages.

Relationships & Friendships

  • Service messages are designed to strengthen relationships and friendships of members who take part in FRUITS™ Life home study groups throughout the week.
  • New members are encouraged, not mandated, to join FRUITS™ Life home study groups.

The Transformative Life Changing Power of the Holy Scriptures

  • Audiences and adherents are engaged in a measured biblically based exegetic and/or inspirational talk culminating with a dynamic delivery in music, worship, and preaching.

What to Expect in Service?

If you are looking to visit us for the first time, please check out the I'm New page. Also see our FAQ below.