Winning People, Losing America Hard Cover

Winning People, Losing America Hard Cover

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You'll Never Look at Religion, Politics, and Football the Same Way Again!

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Winning People, Losing America is a direct analytical and apologetical response to the issues of our time and awakens the souls of mankind with dynamic and compelling arguments that rival what’s really happening in our world today and why? A glorified biblical commentary, you might say this book addresses almost everything you wanted to ask your local traditional religious leader but was afraid to.

Secular society coupled with religious culture has inadvertently created a climate in America that praises political correctness and legislation of questionable laws. Religious Traditionalists must now contend with how to remain spiritually relevant in perilous times and in the face of polarizing issues without compromising age old biblical practices and principles. Winning People, Losing America, though provocative, isn’t meant to be divisive, but rather bring people together over divisive issues.

“This book constitutes my response to a number of polarizing issues we face today in religion and politics all delivered through the metaphoric lens of football. Hopefully, this book will get far left liberals and far right conservatives off their respective sidelines and onto the field for a competitive, but fun game of flag football.” C. Coliér McNair