Our Vision


Our Vision

In the midst of increasing changes in today's culture and the world, we desire to become a community increasingly relevant to God's people without compromising the sacred Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission: Inspiring [people] through inspirational ministry

Zion City, Inc. inspires [people] through inspirational ministry. Ministry components include content, materials, products, spiritual tools, and resources designed to empower people in their ability to seek, find, and pursue first the Kingdom of God, become His workmanship, and bring into reality His Divine will and plan for humankind and the earth.

Our Primary Objectives

In pursuit of kingdom ministry and to fulfill the divine purpose for which God has brought this ministry into existence we are a Christian entity reorganized under three primary areas of focus we describe as Slicing the PIE

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C. Coliér McNair
Presiding Founder, Visionary & CEO

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The new Zion City, Inc. logo was unveiled in 2018.