Coliér McNair

Pastor Coliér McNair resides in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife Myra Renee, eldest daughter Tziah Coli and son Iaonnes Charles, daughter Amira Charlize and son Mysaac Colin McNair.

Coliér McNair assumed the pastorate of Zion City International Church Ministries, Inc., formerly Vessels of Praise Apostolic Church, Inc., in September 2006. 

What lead me to pastor? It was a burden for the body of Christ. There are many body parts I could survive without, but I’d rather have all of my body parts intact, healthy and working. It’s not enough to be the head of your ministry, organization or business; you should embrace other people’s talents, skills, and gifts, create opportunities and space for them to develop and use them, and invite them to take part as an integral team player in what you’re looking to build together.
— Colier McNair