Mickey D's, Lent Season? I Give Up!

The legendary McDonald's Filet-O-Fish is the primary reason I may visit this well branded establishment. Well, that and coffee whenever I'm traveling. So when I order a filet and the bread isn't soft and moist like I'm use to I fill robbed.

When my family was invited to take part in a European Gospel music tour as the featured artists back in 1995, I'll never forget the first time I tried a Filet-O-Fish over there. I can't quite remember if we were in Germany at the time, Switzerland or France. All I know is when I took my first bite of that fish sandwich a light bulb came on. It was like a portal had been opened to my childhood days when a visit to McDonald's was the highlight of my life. Happy meals, French fries, shakes, and good 'old filets.

My brothers and I were so lit that we went back into the restaurant to order several more sandwiches. I still have a picture of three of us chomping down those fish sandwiches. I'd forgotten that a filet could taste so good. We tried to figure out why? How could this be that we had to travel several hours way overseas to enjoy what we use to be able to enjoy in our own country and hometown? What were they doing differently? Why was this sandwich so much better thousands of miles away? Then we finally figure it out after multiple examinations of consumption.

In America we had managed to bypass one simple step in the preparation process. The steaming of the bread. It was the bread y'all! Anybody know what I'm talking about? It sure seems that McDonald's has forgotten assuming they still know.

Now, I know it's important to adapt and make changes from time to time or over time, but when you have a winning formula I suggest you leave it alone until it's not working anymore.

People love to know what they're getting in advance in a product/service. And if we really don't know what we're getting, we have to believe we know what we're getting. That's the biggest reason why I will go back to try something for a second time. Particularly with food. I want more of the same. I want to recapture that first tasty experience and allow my taste buds to relish in the delight of each bite.

Once we got back to the Americas, McDonald's somehow found its way back to delivering a superior quality fish sandwich over the years until recently. My last two visits have brought me crusty bun(ed) sandwich filets. Heck, I had to look closely just to now discover that I've been enjoying pollock all these years. I didn't even know I liked pollock.

Crusty buns, pollock? Cutting corners with this delicious menu mainstay may be the very reason why they're on sale now. Oh, maybe the fact that it's lent season has something to do with the sales too. If that's the case, I now know what I'm giving up for the rest of the season!

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