And so it continues to begin…

And so it continues to begin... — And so it continues to begin...

Donald Trump will be taking the presidential oath in a couple of weeks to become the 45th president of our United States of America. As it appears for Americans in America, things are right on schedule as the bashing and gnashing has already begun as we crawl slowly along into this New Year.

I'm sure all of you are aware of the Kim Burrell saga. Opinions are running rampant regarding how she addressed homosexuality in one of her previous messages. Whether she was politically correct, careful and thoughtful in how she went about the issue publicly, too many Christians and Americans in general are stumped about how to lovingly, respectfully, and intellectually engage in dialogue about this polarizing moral issue of our time.

I would chime in and say more about Burrell directly, but why when I've already made my peace about many of these polarizing issues and much more in my new book? Winning People, Losing America. After reading this book, I believe "You'll Never Look at Religion, Politics, and Football the Same Way Again!"

My new book will profoundly enlighten, admonish, strengthen, and encourage the soul of any affirming or non-affirming person living today wanting to learn more about the times we're living in.

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Coliér McNair