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A Zion City Entrepreneurs & Business Ministry

The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.
Psalm 24:1; 1 Corinthians 10:26


About Kingdom 360 - If everything on the earth was perfect like it was when God first made Adam or like it is in heaven and will be on earth again, I have a feeling we'd still be expected to worship, work, and enjoy all that God has given us and wants to give to us - Pastor Colier McNair

To achieve the vision God has set in his heart, Pastor Colier and Zion City are looking for ways to create, develop and establish economically viable Kingdom businesses and communities to help fund, supplement and possibly replace the livelihood of those who desire to freely and strategically spread the gospel, reach the lost, and bring into reality God's will for mankind on earth.


Anesis Center for Marriage & Family Therapy

Professional counseling for Individuals, Couples & Family, and Adults & Children Together (ACT): Raising Safe Families.

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We take information and data and polish it through various concept and design processes for public presentational purposes and professional consumption.

We also specialize in helping clients work through the visualization and crystallization of ideas for implementation in the market place.

  • Ideation - idea and image formation
  • Commercial concepts - brand and story integration
  • Freelance design work includes:
    • Logos (see Portfolio)
    • Business and event promotional materials
    • Book and CD covers
    • Event promotional 
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COGEO Entertainment Group • Music, Media, Movies

Zion City, Inc. invests in its Music & Arts Auxiliary and ministry as a whole through the production of original, professional, and highly engaging music recordings and ministry presentations. We do this through trainings and development of talented and skillful musicians, singers, media, and event personnel.

Setting a higher standard in professional inspirational music and the sacred arts at Zion City helps to create fellowship, an uplifting environment for ministry and worship, and leads to significant, sustainable growth in our membership base.

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Renewal After Prison (RAP)

Renewal After Prison (RAP) is a wholistic ‘Reentry Project’ designed to offer comprehensive services to individuals and families impacted by issues of incarceration.

Learn more about RAP here.

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