Intimacy Test 5.jpg

Intimacy Concert Repertoire

by ColiƩr McNair "Intimacy"

Please listen to music in the order it is presented until you are sure you know it well. Individual songs will be introduced, learned, and offered publicly based on the order provided in this list.


Songs ministered in concert style format will feature the following repertoire:

1. Intimacy Medley (feat. COGEO singers - "Object of My Desire" is the trigger song)

2. Object of My Desire - Big Introduction

3. Closer to You

4. I Owe It All

5. Ready Heart

Covers: Love You Forever, Falling in Love with Jesus, Made a Way

6. Rescue

Covers: Holy Spirit (You Are Welcome Here), Smile, Moving Forward

7. My Praise

8. Good, Good, Father

9. Somebody Give Him Praise

10. Summertime Praise

11. I Get Joy


Additional Intimacy songs:

More Than a Fix will likely follow Ready Heart