Are You New to Zion City? We're Glad You're Here!

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Whenever people visit our city as an invited guests of Zion City, we roll out the red carpet for them. Our volunteer staff of expert hosts, cooks, adjutants, greeters, and helpful hands are always working to make each experience with us royal!

That said, why wait for special guests to show up when we're graced with wonderful members every Sunday and throughout the week? As many of you know, we endeavor to practice Great Godly Hospitality every time we come together as a congregation. Here at Zion City, everyone is considered a child of the King and should be treated as such.

To visitors, we want you to feel welcomed every time you're here. In our MVP statement we promised you Total Quality Services after God's own heart and your experience in His PRESENCE is one of our top priorities. During worship we ask that you enjoy yourself. We do ask that visitors, who feel comfortable, to please stand as we officially welcome you. The ushers will give you a visitor’s card during this time – if you haven't already received one from greeters – and the City of Zion congregation and minstrels will sing our welcome song. We won't ask you to say anything. We do ask that you fill out the welcome card and place it in one of our designated drop boxes during worship.

Around here, you are a city on a hill... a city not forsaken.

Welcome to the City of Zion!


Sunday Worship

We meet on Sundays at 1 PM. Services usually end by 2:30 PM.

We meet at the old Lighthouse Christian School Building:

5202 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53705

Learn more about our Sunday Worship Services.