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CISIA (It’s pronounced see-shee-ha)

Cultural Intelligence Social Innovators & Accelerators

How do we define Social Innovation?

A Social Innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient and sustainable. Venturing beyond existing solutions the value created from these solutions accrue primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals.

A good social innovation can be a product, production process, or technology (much like innovation in general), but it can also be a principle, an idea, a piece of legislation, a social movement, an intervention, or some combination of them” (Phills, Deiglmeier, Miller)

What is a Social Innovator?

Our definition of a Social Innovator is someone who is uniquely gifted and called to embody the work of Social Innovation and advance accompanying solutions through the facilitation of workshops, professions (speaking), and the execution of divisional processes described in Slicing the PIE™.


Lead Innovators

Portraits by Mike Gorski


Katharine Goray

Cultural Intelligence Innovator & Consultant (Theology)

Andrea Harris
Associate to Lead Innovator

Allene “Cookie” Buckner
Associate to Lead Innovator


Michael Winnowski

Cultural Intelligence Innovator & Consultant (Culture)

Stefanie Brown-Riles
Executive Administrator & Office Manager

Renee Knight
Professional Cross Cultural Creative Arts Direction & Make-up Design

SAccelerator Simpson JPG.jpg

Barbara “Bobbie” Simpson

Cultural Intelligence Innovator & Consultant (Worship)

Dan “Spiffy” Neuman
Music Director & Band Manager

George Ramsey
Transient Worship Accelerator

COGEO Team Members Section One:
Tziah McNair, Eushika “Sheeka” Bevineau, Allene “Cookie” Buckner, Betty Jackson; Andrea Harris, Anntonette Davis, Nicole Davis; Bobbie Simpson, Kevin Doss; Kawonis Jackson.

Social Community Cover JPG.jpg

How do we define Social Acceleration?

Social Acceleration is the acceleration of Social Innovation and/or Innovators.


Lead Accelerators

Portraits by Mike Gorski


James Morgan

Lead Partnership Accelerators


Kevin Doss

Lead Engagement Accelerator


Rachel Morgan

Lead Partnership Accelerators


Stefanie Brown-Riles

Lead Engagement Accelerator


Victor & Tae McNair

Kingdom 360 Advisory Accelerators


George & Pamela Ramsey

Eventainment Advisory Accelerators


Associate Accelerators

Andre Riles
Assistant Community Support Accelerator

Ronnie Thornton
Event Set-up Accelerator

Inga Fane
Hospitality Accelerator

Sharon Madlock
Hospitality Accelerator

Gwen Waugh
Hospitality Accelerator

Andrea Harris
MOSES Lead Affiliate

Allene “Cookie” Buckner
Associate MOSES Affiliate

Lolita Martin
Associate MOSES Affiliate

Chris Niblack
Associate MOSES Affiliate

Dan “Spiffy” Neuman
Worship Events & Networking Accelerator

Alex & Princess Siller
Media Accelerators

Jasmine Simpson
Associate Media Accelerator

Mike Gorski
Photography (Independent Contractor)

MOSES Group Photo 2 JPG.jpg

Become a Zion City, Inc. Social Innovator or Accelerator

If you believe you are a Social Innovator and/or that you’ve been called and equipped to do the work of social innovation or spur social innovation as a Social [Innovation] Accelerator (SIA) in areas of religion, politics, business, community and culture, please reach out to us today. We’d love to meet you and learn more about your unique gifts, talents, ideas and experiences.

Read Qualifications and Submit Form Below

Associate Innovator

Cultural Intelligence
Social Innovator Qualifications

  • Profound wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Cultural Intelligence in one or more of the following areas of religion, politics, business and culture.

  • Unique gifts, talents and skills in any of our three divisions of focus: Publishing, Innovation, Eventainment (PIE™).

  • Relational equity as a mentor-protegé in various fields of academic study, non-profits, business corporations, and key social networking communities.

  • Supporting documents and references.

Associate Accelerator

Cultural Intelligence
Social [Innovation] Accelerator Qualifications

  • Profound desire and interest in Cultural Intelligence in one or more of the following areas including religion, politics, business and culture.

  • Demonstrate an ability to MEET™ the Needs of complex social communities throughout the world with special emphasis in one of the following areas:

    • Money

    • Exposure

    • Experience and Expertise

    • Time

  • Relational equity in academic institutions, business circles, and key social networking communities as a advisor, coach, consultant, negotiator, collaborator, project or systems lead or leader for hire, catalyst.

    • 20-35 plus years of experience in increasingly complex domains and collaborations.

    • Less than 20 years experience may apply as a mentor-protegé under the qualifications for the Cultural Intelligence Associate Innovator.

  • Social Media credentials.

Apply or Audition

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