Complimentary Bookings


Thank you for your interest in booking one of our Zion City Authors, Artists, and Professional Speakers, Personalities and Presenters. Please read the numbered list of items to better assist you in your preparation to answer the questions in the REQUEST BOOKING ENGAGEMENT FORMS below:

  1. Day, Date, Time, Destination, Location of Event.
  2. Event Type: Church • Organization • Community • Business • Media
  3. Engagement Type: Speaking (Keynote• Presenter • Panelist) or Performance (Solo Appearance • Full Band Concert).
  4. Expected Audience or Building Capacity (if ticketed event).
  5. Booking Budget (Depending on the nature of the engagement, a security or accommodation Fee may be required to hold date).
  6. Product Point-Of-Purchase or Display Table (May be necessary for any event especially if requested by our group).
  7. Provision of Media Appearances and/or On-Air Publicity, Event Sponsorship and/or Exposure.
  8. Final Booking Payment for Professional Music-Concert Packages MUST BE RECEIVED before stage performance (if under contract).

What you need to know before submitting a Complimentary Booking Request.

Zion City, Inc. reserves the right to accept and/or decline any event invitation!

We're here to serve the kingdom of God in every way including: Celebrations, Workshops, Councils, Revivals, Concerts, and More! To do so, all Zion City Complimentary Requests must be sent via letter and/or email to Discretion may be given to local affiliate ministry partners, organizations, businesses, and/or statewide invitations within 75 miles of our location. There is NO CHARGE for bookings accepted through Zion City's Complimentary Booking Program. However, any demands disallowing the display (not selling) of Zion City, Inc. products and promotion of services will be immediately rejected!

A free will offering, honorarium, or monetary gift is strongly encouraged and may be received upon conclusion of the engagement. If you want to guarantee your preferred Zion City guest please submit the Protected Booking Engagement Form below.

(Please note: PO Box correspondence is recommended for advanced requests only and/or post service activities. Otherwise, sending mail to our PO Box may result in a delay in a timely response or no response to your inquiry).

Or call (608) 288-9466. Please visit Contact Us page to access the Zion City Directory.

Protected Bookings

Please use form below if you want to protect any booking preferences you have for your event.

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What You Will Receive From Us

Media Booking Kit includes:

  • A preliminary receipt of email confirming the details of your booking request
  • Rider and Specification Information Sheet with Booking Details
  • Engagement Marketing Materials
  • Speaking Engagement or Music Performance Equipment Specifications (if necessary)
  • A Professional Inspirational Experience for Your Event